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  • WhAT Is Allturnatives?

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    “[...] NEGATIVITY [is] a MISUSE of your imagination”
      —Kathleen C Olivieri, PhD, Communication Expert and Entrepreneur

    “Yesterday I was clever, I wanted to change the world. TODAY I AM WISE, SO I AM CHANGING MYSELF.”

    —Jalal al-Din Rumi, Sufi Philosopher and Poet

    Our Mission:

    “ALLturnatives is center stage where intersectionality meets opportunity for many of our disenfranchised children who may not otherwise recognize their rightful place as future leaders.”


    ALLturnatives, Inc. (ALLturnatives) is an arts and culture based non-profit organization with a targeted strategy to reach low income families with at-risk youth and young adults located in and serving Charlotte, North Carolina.


    ALLturnatives provides an inclusive cultural and performing arts space to develop positive social and life skills.


    With a focus on developing problem-solving skills while enhancing creativity, through art therapy, aggression replacement therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy each participant is exposed to the beauty of self-expression and positivity through performing arts, community service, and personal/professional development workshops.


    The majority Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and LGBTQIA+ participants are afforded the opportunity to engage in meaningful and relevant multicultural programs, such as the performing arts, creative, socially-relevant projects, engagement in skill-based workshops, and community service within a holistic multi-system curriculum that includes family, school and community.


    Our ultimate goal at ALLturnatives is to promote healthy social and emotional behavioral skills, preparing participants to become trailblazers in the 21st century and beyond.


    Our Vision:

    ALLturnatives continues to employ a multi-tiered, multi-cultural arts-based curriculum based on the "aggression replacement therapy model" that empowers underserved youths and young adults to build interpersonal relationship skills that will positively impact their futures.


    The foundation of our diverse curriculum is grounded in literary, visual and performing arts with a strong emphasis on community initiatives that reflect global and cultural awareness.


    Through culturally relevant arts-based programs and initiatives, ALLturnatives seeks to provide consistent social and emotional support that dismantles generational trauma and creates positive outcomes in the lives of its participants.


    Looking to positively impact the youth and young adults in the area? Partner with us!

  • What We Do

    By educating youth and young adults in every capacity,

    we give them the opportunity to succeed in life.

    Encouraging Healthy Expression

    Cognitive Behavioral Theory

    Cognitive behavioral therapy, often referred to as CBT, is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on making connections between thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. CBT helps people identify and change dysfunctional patterns.

    We help our youths and young adults identify the unhealthy behaviors and distorted beliefs that impede their success. CBT helps them confront and modify those distorted beliefs, transforming them into functional coping mechanisms that allow them to soar.


    What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

    Building Social Skills, One Day At A Time

    Empathy Building Social Skills Training Curriculum


    We teach empathy. Many of our youths and young adults have never experienced how to process empathy. Our in-house therapists and instructors use sports, music, arts and entrepreneurship to integrate and reinforce positive and healthy social skills.


    Our goal is to help youths and young adults recognize their triggers and utilize the resources available to them. We have built a curriculum that caters to the specific needs and background of the youth and partner organizations engaged with us.

    Replacing Anger With Healthy Behavior

    Aggression Replacement Training® (ART®)

    Aggression Replacement Training® (ART®) is a cognitive behavioral intervention program that, as the name suggests, helps children and adolescents to better manage their anger and reduce aggressive behavior.

    ART helps identify stressors, which encourages participants to deescalate tense situations in a calm, positive way. Through examining the triggers of aggression and anger, ART improves moral reasoning and social skill competence.


    What is Aggression Replacement Training®?

    A Holistic Approach to Healing

    Multi-Systemic Family Model


    Our approach to overcoming anger, aggression and trauma is thoroughly holistic. We incorporate family, school and community into the healing process.


    Any one person cannot fully heal unless their overall environment is also healthy. Addressing symptoms and reactions to trauma is only one facet of developing healthy skills, we also address the sources of trauma, breaking generational cycles and setting the stage for success.

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    You can make a difference! ALLturnatives Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit entity. Donations may be deductible up to amounts allowed by law. Please contact your tax professional for advice concerning the deductibility of any donation. EIN 45-3909006.

  • THe A-TEAM

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    Michelle Wyms

    CEO & Founder

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    LaShawn Brewster

    Executive Assistant

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    Brian Gantt

    Board President

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    Leslie Oliver

    Education Assessment Director

    Melissa Funderburke

    Program Director

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    Isis Redding-Umoja

    Licensed Therapist

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