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  • Who Is Allturnatives?

    Music · Sports · Arts · Entrepreneurship

    “…NEGATIVITY is a MISUSE of the imagination…Yesterday I was clever, I wanted to change the world. TODAY I AM WISE, SO I AM CHANGING MYSELF…”

    Our mission is to take wounded youth and young adults and turn them into wise adults using Educational Entrepreneurship, Sports therapy, and the Arts.


    We build character and engage in Community Development by providing a positive overall environment for at-risk youth.


    Our programs promote healthy physical fitness development, educational opportunities, recreational activities, and social and behavioral skills.


    Participants are equipped with the tools necessary to build solid careers to improve decision-making and critical thinking.


    Our vision is a world where youth and young adults’ wounds are turned into their success stories and not shame.


    Improving wisdom and critical thinking skills are at the core of all our efforts. Participants are encouraged and empowered to successfully overcome with the trials and tribulations arising for poverty and socioeconomic realities.

    We provide foundational tools for creating a life of abundance, regardless of their wounds. Our staff and volunteers consistently model the concept that wounds do not define the person.


    Through entrepreneurship and vocational programs, we ensure our participants exit the program with useful skills which position them to be successful members of their local business community and model employees of businesses in the area..


    Looking to positively impact the youth and young adults in the area? Partner with us!

  • What We Do

    By educating youth and young adults in every capacity, we give them the opportunity to succeed in life.

    Aggression Replacement Training

    Cognitive Behavior Theory

    We are all products of our experiences in life. We teach youth how to replace the aggression and anger we have with healthier responses. Our in-house therapists engage along with instructors to integrate sports, music, arts and entrepreneurship with this training.

    Social Skills Training

    Building Character, One Day at a Time

    We teach empathy. Many youth have never experienced the emotions of empathy. Our goal is to help youth recognize their triggers and utilize the resources around them. We have built a curriculum that caters to the specific needs and background of the youth and partner organizations engaged with us.

    Anger Control Management

    Therapeutic Tools to Encourage Healthy Expression

    Contact sports are used along with other training to teach healthy behavior and engagement tactics so youth are empowered to deal with conflict and internalized anger in positive ways.

    Multi-Systematic Family Model

    Involving Family and Caregivers

    Successful outcomes require the engagement of family and community alongside the youth. We want feedback from parents, caregivers and community. Community service projects give youth exposure to new marketable skills and incentive to continue improving their lives and their community.

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    You can make a difference! ALLturnatives Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit entity. Donations may be deductible up to amounts allowed by law. Please contact your tax professional for advice concerning the deductibility of any donation. EIN 45-3909006.

  • THe A-TEAM

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    Michelle Wyms

    CEO & Founder

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    LaShawn Brewster

    Executive Assistant

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    Brian Gantt

    Board President

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    Leslie Oliver

    Education Assessment Director

    Melissa Funderburke

    Program Director

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    Isis Redding-Umoja

    Licensed Therapist

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